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  • 10 Rules for a Successful Second Marriage

    While many couples see remarriage as a second danger at happiness, the facts tell a extraordinary story. According to to be had Census records, the divorce fee for 2nd marriages within the United States is over 60% compared to round 50% for first marriages. Why are second marriages much more likely to fail? One rationalization […]

  • BiPAP vs CPAP: Differences, Pros and Cons

    When a person suffers from sleep Apnea, it means that the patient reviews shortage or whole shut of breath in brief. This can arise a few instances or numerous instances relying on if the user’s sleep apnea is continual or now not these shortages of breath can arise 5-a hundred instances in an hour. These […]

  • Millions of disabled Americans could lose federal benefits if they get married

    For hundreds of thousands of Americans with disabilities, tying the knot can imply dropping federal blessings they rely on. Erika Mahoney of member station KAZU in Monterey, Calif., has the tale of 1 couple stuck in a loophole. ERIKA MAHONEY, BYLINE: Five years ago, Lori Long’s boyfriend, Mark Contreras, were given down on one knee. […]